November 17th, 2010

Travel: 1933 Ford

New car

Long and complex day full of things wonderful (towards the end) and stressful (towards the beginning), but among other news: I now have a car again, after a two-year-or-so experiment in carlessness. OK, I’ve proven I can survive without a car. I am now ready to be able to make spur-of-the-moment weekend trips out of town, and run to the store for something I need without devoting an evening to it, and not have to rent a car to get kitty litter. Also I am ready to drive my wuzzle to Firefly’s for barbecue tomorrow evening. Er, today evening, I suppose, which is probably a sign that I should go to bed now.

PS — So now I need a name for it. It’s a white 2003 Saturn Ion. I haven’t really coming up with anything yet, although I’m sort of thinking about allusions to snow. My last car, a rusty 1983 Diesel Mercedes, was named Grigori Yefimovich, because he was ugly, powerful, hard to kill, and mysteriously attractive.