October 29th, 2009

People: me with plumtreeblossom May 2007

In sickness and in health

In sickness and in health

But lately, in more sickness than we’d either like.

So a couple months ago (after everybody else in my office had already had it), I got the flu. (Probably the Hamthrax, since it was too early for seasonal flu.) I had it especially bad for a week or so. plumtreeblossom picked it up from me but she got a very very mild version — she was basically inconvenienced for a couple days, but nothing beyond that.

As tends to be the case whenever either of us gets any kind of respiratory infection, we ended up with long lingering coughs. They’ve lasted much longer than normal, though — ordinarily my cough would be dry and occasional by now, but it doesn’t seem to have gotten much better (or worse) over the last three weeks. This stage, though, has hit plumtreeblossom much harder than me all along, and a couple days ago she took a serious turn for the worse.

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I am now on the train on my way briefly back to Quincy to feed and water Chickenfinger and clean her litterbox, and pick up clean clothes (which I will probably have to first cause to be clean). Then back to the theater for opening night. I can’t wait, but I sure wish plumtreeblossom could be with us in person as well as in spirit.

As always, plumtreeblossom, I love you.

PS — Yes, I know I need to see a doctor too. Slightly complicated because I’ll be seeing a new doctor and there’s insurance stuff I have to do first. I’d hoped to squeeze that in yesterday or today, but haven’t managed, and plumtreeblossom’s needs are a lot more urgent than mine.