February 5th, 2009

Me: brain MRI

Hip (and dinner)

I mentioned in a recent post that I was having trouble with my hip. Well, it was awful; it kept me home from work for two days. An anecdote will give you an idea of my degree of immobility: I woke up in the middle of the night Monday night desperately needing the bathroom. It took me about five minutes and two excruciating missteps to figure out a way to get out of bed. Inching along with my cane, it took me about ten minutes to get to the bathroom. Just as an example, after I washed my hands, it took me about 20-30 seconds to turn in place 180° to get out the door. I had woken up Chickenfinger (cathijosephine’s cat) on my way down, and she was on her way upstairs, and I was very worried she would come up to my room and end up leaning against my leg while I slept and doing me injury, but of course there was no way I could beat her up the stairs. When I got to the top of the stairs I found to my dismay that I had left the door open, and she had gone in. I spent about five minutes trying to persuade her to leave without injuring either one of us, without being able to bend over, and needing my cane for balance. I eventually gave up and spent two minutes getting back into bed. (Getting in was easier than getting out.) Sure enough, within a minute after I lay down, she jumped up onto the bed and ran across my leg. On the bright side, she ran out of the room when I screamed, and I was able to get out of bed and close the door before she came back in. Poor kitty. Poor human. The rest of the night was less eventful.

Anyway, Tuesday was noticeably better, Wednesday I went in to work (after working from home in the morning on a time-sensitive project), and by the evening, when I met plumtreeblossom for a yummy and happy dinner date near my office, I felt basically normal. Today I can tell I’m a little stiff but I feel basically normal. I’m still going to drive to the T station and take my cane with me; no sense tempting fate.

The dinner with plumtreeblossom was a lovely little celebration of returning to normal life after being stuck in the house for a couple days, and we shared our geeky amusement at Google’s new stalk-your-sweetie service, Latitude. (Mind you, that sort of thing has civil-libertarian implications, but nation-states are going to be using it anyway, their citizens might as well get a little benefit from the same technology, and at least having it visible in public life makes people aware of it.)

While I was home immobile, cathijosephine was sick with the flu. She seems like she’s over the worst of it and on the mend now, though. Don’t have time to upload it right now, but I have a great picture of Chickenfinger taking good care of cathijosephine by keeping her in bed. :-)

Have had some fun games of Munchkin with cathijosephine and darxus over the past couple weeks.

PS — Many thanks to freshly-minted nurse ddl (who doesn’t have a LiveJournal) for giving me some advice about my hip on Sunday night.