December 13th, 2008

Geek: LiveJournal

I aten’t dead! And burlesque show, and political dream.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately! Life’s been really full and busy; I just haven’t been having much time to spend on LiveJournal. (I haven’t been reading my normal reading list, either, so I’ve probably missed what you’ve posted in the last few weeks.)

As usual, I’m loving plumtreeblossom lots and lots. There’s lots of wonderful stuff we’ve done lately that I’d like to write about, but I’m not even going to try to catch up.

But last night we went to The Slutcracker (warning: background audio) at the Somerville Theatre, a burlesque parody of The Nutcracker, to the original music. A couple of our Firstie friends are in it. It was delightful and hilarious and sexy and the dancing was really good, and of course the music was good because it’s Tchaikovsky, and we ran into half our social circle there. We sat in the balcony with hahathor and pinecone_4, and plumtreeblossom’s housemate vanguardcdk and hermitgeeko and bunches of other people I’m spacing on or whose LJ names I can’t remember were also there. We were really thrilled that we got to bump into urban_faerie_ (who was in the show — she played a vibrator battery) outside after the show; we’d been waiting afterwards hoping specifically to see her.

There was an afterparty we were invited to, but we were tired (and I was low on money) and we went home to plumtreeblossom’s.

We slept well and long last night, and that brings me to the political dream.

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