July 7th, 2008

People: me with plumtreeblossom May 2007

The rest of the weekend

As I mentioned, I had a great time at the fireworks on Friday. It was particularly neat getting to hang out and chat and tech-geek with m_c_t. (I did end up finding my camera battery charger, by the way; it was hiding in the middle of a table with nothing around or on top of it. No wonder I couldn’t find it!)

On Saturday (after doing some cleaning and composing a long message to my doctor I’ve been meaning to send for a while), I picked up plumtreeblossom for a yummy dinner at Firefly’s in Quincy. She had chicken ’Bama; I had St. Louis ribs and beef brisket. We both gorged on beets and their yummy pickled-cucumber salad. We ended up having leftovers for a couple more meals.

Afterwards we went to my house and watched Smilla’s Sense of Snow, which we both enjoyed.

I’m going to go ahead and post this and write about Sunday later, because my bus is arriving at work.
Travel: 1933 Ford


On Sunday, plumtreeblossom and I drove up to New Hampshire to visit faerieschylde, whom I hadn’t seen in at least a year, probably more. We had a great time! It was wonderful to see faerieschylde and catch up with her. And it was good to see her cats, one of whom is doing very poorly. As is her custom, she fed us a wonderful spread, and for dessert we went to a local ice-cream place and I demonstrated my complete lack of willpower.

The drive up and back was also lovely. We talked and listened to NPR, and just drove in silence for quite a bit. The weather was gorgeous.

So that’s this past weekend. I still have a bunch of catching up to do about the last couple of weeks (one of which I took off to sleep and work on the house), but that will be for a later post.
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’Wabbit Hare

So my hair is down to my shoulders — finally out of that clumsy sticking-out-in-all-directions stage. It was a long time getting here, but I’m finally here.

So, of course, I’m considering chopping it all off again.

This is partly because of the summer heat, and partly because it would just be easier and quicker to manage, and partly because I’m missing the way it felt. Of course, I started growing it out again because I missed the way it looked long. And as plumtreeblossom pointed out, I’ve got a few strands of grey coming in, and that will look even more awesome with long hair than with short. So I’m not sure. And of course, the thing to do when you have a decision to make is to post a poll, so you can ignore the advice of all your friends. Therefore:

Poll #1219547 Wabbit Hare

What should beowabbit do with his hair?

Keep growing it out
Buzz it short
Buzz it short, but wait until after Hallowe'en so he can dress up as Jesus one last time.
Shave it completely bald, take a vow of celibacy, move to Tibet, and start wearing yellow.

Feel free to argue for your position in the comments.