April 29th, 2008

People: me with plumtreeblossom May 2007

Another lovely weekend, with a side of bees and jam

Another lovely weekend with plumtreeblossom. On Saturday we went to a sheepshearing festival¹ in Waltham with teratomarty and trouble4hire (big thanks to them for posting about it!) and had a lovely time. It was great hanging out with them, and great doing country-fair things within easy reach of Boston. (I drove, but the festival venue is bus-accessible.) While there, we bumped into mrpet and, moonshadow. Anyway, after the festival, which was huge amounts of fun, the six of us wandered Moody Street and then had yummy tapas for dinner before plumtreeblossom and I went back to my house, where we watched the first two-thirds of Lust, Caution.

On Sunday, we went to a Poly Boston dim sum organized by a wonderful person whose LJ name, if he has one, I don't know. We had a wonderful, wonderful time. Thanks so much to the organizer!

Last night was the monthly Poly Boston dinner at Bertucci's (the first one in a while plumtreeblossom's been able to make it to, because of theater commitments), and tonight plumtreeblossom, cathijosephine, and I get to go see Eddie Izzard perform! Life is incredibly full and fun.

And this coming weekend plumtreeblossom and I are finally making a trip to New York City.

¹ Sadly, the venue has already taken down the web page about it. If you are luckier than usual, I will eventually get around to posting some pictures, though. Because, you know, you all appreciated the Topsfield Fair pictures and the pictures of our trip to DC to meet bcat1 and spacechicken so much.²
² That I haven’t posted yet. Those pictures.
Me: Wacko grin chez queue


Wow! I just saw Eddie Izzard! With my two favourite people in the world! And he was right there and everything, just thirty-two million billion yards away on the stage, and if I squinted I could see his facial expressions! And it was awesome and wonderful!

I also just opened a kitchen cabinet door and had a shot glass fall out into the sink and hit a mug there and smash into lots of little pieces, but if a flying splinter had nicked my jugular and I were lying on my kitchen floor slowly bleeding to death, I’d still be happy, because I just saw Eddie Izzard.

(Eddie, baby, if you don’t remember where to send the check, my address is linked from my userinfo.)