August 16th, 2007

Scenery: wildflower blossom


Two of the wildflower species in the mix have really taken off and gotten tall where I planted them. (Some others blew elsewhere in the yard and got a foothold there, I believe.) Thanks to plumtreeblossom’s research, I know that they are Cosmos and Coreopsis, and they’ve both gotten over a foot tall — the Cosmos well over.

Last night I saw my first blooms in the patch I’d deliberately planted, but they were something I hadn’t even noticed among the Cosmos and Coreopsis before — little white flowers maybe a centimeter and a half across. This morning one of the Coreopsis buds had blossomed into a lovely orange-yellow flower. Yay!
Food: a cup of coffee

A visitor

So this morning as plumtreeblossom and I were drinking our coffee and eating our muffins on her second-floor balcony, a particularly courageous squirrel showed up on the railing and hung out watching us. plumtreeblossom proposed the entirely plausible theory that it was interested in our muffins, and tossed some muffin crumbles towards it (about halfway between it and us). Sure enough, it came and checked them out, ate the smaller crumbs off the decking, and took a large piece under a wicker loveseat to devour at leisure. We tossed it some more, and it came and sat and ate in the open no more than a yard from me for a while, and then took its bounty back up on the railing and ate watching us for a while. Then it bounded off the railing into a tree.

Yay for city critters!
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09


Two nights ago, I had a fascinating and rather delightful dream. In the dream, I was thinking about the things I didn't like about the world (or even just the things that weren't quite to my taste), and I decided to change them. So I thought for a little bit about all the things I'd wanted to change, came up with a list, thought hard about them, and stepped out of this universe into one where the US had a parliament instead of a congress (and architecture more appropriate to a parliament than a congress), there were nude beaches all over everywhere, and the Middle East was a peaceful, thriving, safe place where the people trusted their governments and their neighbours. Iraq, for instance, was the sort of place a couple nice Jewish newlyweds from Brooklyn would feel entirely delighted visiting on their honeymoon.

Somehow, docorion and mud_puppy ended up following me by accident. Of course, I expected all the changes, since I had planned them. While they were generally pleased with the changes, they were constantly surprised by them and I was sort of explaining things and showing them around.

(I don't know exactly what happened to the docorion and mud_puppy from that universe. Since I'd created it to my specifications, of course, it had all my friends and beloveds and community in it, even though it had significantly different history.)

I've dreamed about being a political leader in the past, but I think this is the first time I've dreamed about creating an entire universe (albeit not from scratch).