March 23rd, 2007

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

Grump! No phone!

I lost my phone this morning. Might have been at home as I was putting my fleece on, might have been in thanos73’s car when he gave me a lift partway to the T station (or outside his car as I was getting in or out), might have been at the coffee shop in the T station when I got coffee (realizing I’d left my morning coffee at home in the microwave), or it might have been in the station when I pulled out my wallet to tap my T pass. Or, I suppose, it might have fallen off my belt in the bathroom or in my bedroom or when I sat down at my computer.

(Can anybody remind me the name of the coffee shop in Quincy Center so I can look them up and call them and see if it’s there? Thanks.)


So, no phone messages for me. If you need to contact me today, email, LJ comments, and my work phone work, but SMS and my cell phone don’t. Bleah.

In other news which I don’t have time to rant about, my sleep specialist isn’t being very helpful, but I think that’s partly because she’s so overscheduled. Here I started to rant, and realized I didn’t have time.

I need a “stressed” userpic. All my userpics are of me being happy and relaxed. So the next time you see me upset, please take a picture of me; I’ll be grateful for it.
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

Happy birthday, chienne_folle

In my phone-frazzlement, I neglected to wish chienne_folle a happy birthday before now. Happy birthday, chienne_folle! I send you warm birthday hugs.

(So my phone has been found — thanks, thanos73!, but not before I went out and got a replacement. I’d actually been planning on switching phones for a while. Yes, sionnagh, this means you get my Treo, although I'll need to get my data copied off it first.)