January 20th, 2007

Boston: Davis Square sign

Great morning — brunch with good people, and warm hands!

So I went to the Bi Brunch at Johnny D’s this morning, and got to hang out with beloved plumtreeblossom, delightful minerva42, fabulous lilbjorn, and a couple of other people whose LJ names (if they have them) I don’t know. The food was great, as usual there. I had a cheese omelette and chocolate-chip pancakes with vanilla butter. Oh, and they have carrot juice on the menu! Makes this ’wabbit happy! And their coffee is particularly good.

In addition to returning a shirt I’d left at her place (gee, I’d though I was fully dressed when I went out into that bitter January morning; you’d think I would have noticed!), plumtreeblossom gave me two pairs of gloves! I hadn’t gotten around to getting a new pair after I had that glove taken out of my car a couple weeks back, and my hands have been very unhappy since this cold snap came in, so it was a very happy-making gift. Actually, it was a happy-making gift because it was from her, but as it happens it was also a very practical gift.
Misc: spines of old books

Ask Dr LiveJournal

(Remember, he knows more than you do he’s not a real doctor!)

I have a wooden DVD/videotape shelf that I use as a shelf for paperbacks. It’s just under 5'4" tall (64", 152cm), and the shelves are spaced 10½" apart (26cm). It came unfinished, but after finishing it looks quite similar to — indeed nigh indistinguishable from — this.

I want some more.

I was seeing these all over everywhere when I originally got this one, but now the only similar things I can find are just for CDs, so obviously unworkable for paperbacks. Anybody know where in Boston I could pick up a couple? This doesn’t seem like the sort of thing it makes sense to order over the Intarweb (is it safe to say something like that on the Intarweb? It might hear!), since shipping would probably dwarf the cost of the thing itself.