November 9th, 2006

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09


Same as last night — I was able to sleep more-or-less comfortably for about five hours, and then I woke up in grit-your-teeth, whole-body-feels-hot pain. I predict I’ll be fine in 45min when the painkillers kick in; that’s what happened last night anyway. It’s one tiny little spot in my back, so maybe it’s a pinched nerve. Bleh.

On the bright side, I was breathing for those five hours of sleep. That’s a good thing.
Me: resting in sionnagh's back yard in K

PS — dinner and breakfast

Forgot to mention the lovely and yummy dinner last night with docorion and plumtreeblossom at Hong Kong Eatery in Quincy (after docorion’s shift at the hospital), and the delightfully relaxed morning with plumtreeblossom. It’s nice to get up early enough that you don’t have to hurry through the morning and you can make coffee and rolls (chienne_folle, I offered fruit, too! Really I did! :-) and have a nice shower. And I started some corned beef brisket in the crockpot for tonight (and probably all of next week, too — it completely filled the crockpot) and we rode in together. It was our first night together at my place in Quincy on a “school night”, and it was a success. Was delightful to get to catch up with docorion last night, too!