October 8th, 2006

Me: taking pictures in Hawaii

Me[n] in skirts!

I’m kind of behind on posting this; almost everybody on my Friends list has probably already seen this announced, but my friend ragingamazon has made a Men in Skirts¹ calendar, and Yours Truly is proud to be Miss April. (Links are work-safe, although a few of the cuties are bare-chested.) Get yours while supplies last!² (And most of the other models are friends of mine.)

(Back when ragingamazon and I first did the photoshoot, I meant to post a few of the pictures. Maybe this will nudge me to actually get around to doing that.)
¹ Technically, I’m in a sarong. Don’t tell the language police. I think there might be a kilt or two in there, too.
² i.e., forever. Cafépress prints on demand.