May 25th, 2006

Food: Christmas dinner at my sister's

Good food, good company!

I made this dead-easy crockpot Kalua pig recipe for cathijosephine and queenofhalves tonight, and it was so good! I’ll be doing that again. And queenofhalves brought wine and cathijosephine brought sourdough bread and we spread garlic and butter on it and we picked up some salad and it all worked really well. Yay, I cooked! It was great to get the time with them, especially queenofhalves, whom I’d never gotten to sit down with in a small group like that before and who is always delightful and interesting. And we took dinner over to docorion at work, because it seemed only fair after he’d been tormented by the smell of it in the crock pot all day.
Pol: UN flag at ICJ at the Hague

bearsir soliciting contributions to take his play to the Netherlands

bearsir, a/k/a S. Bear Bergman, is a wonderful performance artist. I’ve only seen one of his shows, but it was really amazing. (Aside: Bear, I bet you and Kala would have stuff to talk about.)

Anyway, his latest show is called Monday Night in Westerbork. From his post about the show:
My new solo play, Monday Night in Westerbork, recounts the untold stories of Jews imprisoned at Camp Westerbork, Holland. These Jews - actors and performers - wrote, directed, and performed six different shows over the course of twenty months. The shows were performed each Monday night for SS officers and Nazi dignitaries as well as the rest of the camp’s prisoners on the same stage that the names of those to be sent to the death camps were read on Tuesday mornings.
He needs funding to go to the Netherlands and research the show (e.g. interview survivors). Having seen some of his work I have no doubt that he will do a spectacular job, and his show will be an important resource and a powerful piece of art.

I’ve contributed $50. If you would like to support this project, you can read his post, or if you want to cut to the chase, you can go directly to and make a contribution by credit card. Make sure you write “S. Bear Bergman” in the field where you can specify what the contribution is earmarked for if you do that.

(By the way, I took the picture my userpic is from in the Hague. It’s the flag flying in front of the International Court of Justice. bearsir, maybe you’ll get to see it while you’re in the Netherlands.)
Local: Quincy house pre-purchase

I love my town

So today on my way to the T I finally wandered through the graveyard in Quincy Center. It totally rules! The latest graves are later than the latest ones in the graveyard near our old house in Malden, but the earliest ones are earlier. I discovered that in the 1690s Braintree was spelled “Braintery”, and in the 1730s it was spelled “Braintry”. (I believe what is now Quincy was part of Braintree then.) Expect photos at some point over the summer.

I love my town!

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