May 16th, 2006

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

Contentment and grump...

...but today, more of the grump.

My vacation was wonderful! Relaxing, refreshing, invigorating, and therapeutic. (And I picked a good week to miss, since New England had enough rain to produce major flooding while I was gone.)

I came back, underslept due to night flights but happy, did some organizing of my pictures (some of which will hopefully be forthcoming soon), and walked into a couple of crises. One of them was engendered by this dreadful article in the Herald and the unfortunate fallout it generated for the nice people who work at Diesel. I’m happy to say that last I heard (I wasn’t able to go tonight, and got a phone report during the evening), no creepy clueless people actually showed up tonight, but a number of them called the Diesel and threatened to. And it sort of threw a bunch of us into a flurry of damage control and planning.

(Note, by the way, that the tone of the actual quotes in the article does not match the tone of anything around them, including statements generally attributed to the interviewees but not inside quotation marks. I’m really glad I did not get quoted.)

So that was one little crisis.

The other one was at work. On Friday (while I was still on O‘ahu with sionnagh), an important server died with a hardware failure. So I knew I was coming in first thing on Monday to rebuild it.

Well, “first thing” would have meant not sleeping through my alarm due to jet lag. And for various boring technical reasons, rebuilding the machine was complex and is still not quite done to our satisfaction (and probably won’t be for a while). Anyway, I left work at a reasonable hour yesterday feeling optimistic about finishing this morning, and had a lovely time having tea and catching up with ragingamazon in Harvard Square and came home to sleep.

Only, more with the jetlag. Around 6:00am I realized if I actually did fall asleep I’d probably sleep through my alarm again, and got up to work on Poly Boston stuff and some other things. So I ended up going in for my second day of server rebuilding with no sleep, and stressed about what tonight’s Diesel social might be like. (Again, it seems to have turned out fine, not that I know from personal experience.) And I was slow at work because of that, and having lots of “Wait, what did I come in this room to do?” experiences. And at the end, I discovered some unpleasant complexity that I needed my boss’s help with, and we had a productive little ad-hoc debugging session together, and finally decided that we’d done all we could do today and most things were working well enough to leave... just about too late to make it worthwhile going to the Diesel (which by this time I knew would have been fun and not work).

OK, none of this sounds tragic, and it’s not, but the thing is that I’ve come home from vacation and I don’t have that relaxed “I’m home in my sanctuary and happy to be back” feeling I usually do. And probably going from warm sunshine to grey chilly drizzle doesn’t help, although I am very glad my new house is a lot drier than my old one.

I’ll feel a lot better when I’ve gotten more sleep, which I should try to do soon. Probably going to watch a movie first, though.

And I have awesome friends. Yay!