March 27th, 2006

Me: freshly shaved at butterfly exhibit

Very social few days

So on Thursday, I went over to bbbsg and chillguru’s for yummy dinner (chicken with lots of garlic, mmmm) and a movie. We watched The Iron Giant, which we all enjoyed. It was fabulous to have time with them.

On Friday, I got together with chienne_folle at The Kebab Factory in Somerville for her birthday dinner along with her husband N. and ghoti72. Had a lovely time. I was especially glad ghoti72 was there, because I hadn’t seen her in a while. And the food was lovely.

On Saturday, I had my bedbuying adventure, which took up most of the day, since they could deliver it right away, and that meant I had to clear out my bedroom. Then I went to a fabulous kung-fu-movies-and-asian-yummies party; many thanks to the principals. Unfortunately, due to the untrustworthiness of my car and the furniture delivery (and general tiredness), I didn’t end up getting to spend as much time there as I’d have liked, so I don’t know whether the good guys or the bad guys won.

On Sunday, I had a blessed, wonderful nap! Then I went over to cathijosephine’s to keep her company while she cleaned, and she introduced me to a very fun Thai movie called Iron Ladies, based on a true story, about a transvestite volleyball team.

Also, I’ve gotten about 75pp into V for Vendetta, which I’m really enjoying so far.