December 3rd, 2005

Geek: Mac 64

House / new toy

(1) I love my new house. Have I mentioned that lately?

(2) I have a new toy. It’s this portable video player/recorder. Basically, it’s sort of like an ipod for video combined with a Tivo you can put in your pocket. (Well, a jacket pocket, or your backpack or large purse; it's bigger than a PDA.) I can hook it to my DVD player or VCR, or to a TV antenna, and record video to it, and then carry my movies around with me. Kind of nifty! It also has memory-card slots, so I can copy the photos from my camera to it without needing access to a computer.

It has two disadvantages: The interface is pretty clunky and not terribly intuitive, and the sound is occasionally crackly for some reason. (I’m hoping the latter might be a bad cable; in any case, it’s not bad enough to bug me very much.) [Edit: Three, actually. Also, it can’t handle files longer than an hour, so it automatically splits a full-length movie into two files.]

So, in addition to reading books on the T, I’m going to be watching movies on the T. Just call me gadget-boy. If you don’t know what to get me for $WINTERHOLIDAY, a pocket protector and horn-rimmed glasses mended with first-aid tape would certainly be appreciated.