November 29th, 2005

Me: swimming at the Ledges


The old house is cleared out and cleaned. Our fourth dumpster will be picked up tomorrow, full. docorion’s and my stuff (and that of sionnagh, who had a lot of stuff stored in Malden) is all physically at the Quincy house, if not remotely unpacked. We have our fire certificate (which required a 1½-week delay and a large amount of electrical work), and directions to the closing tomorrow morning. I am fed, courtesy of the yummy late-night Chinese takeout place nearby. I’m about to have a beer, take a hot shower, and crawl into bed.

I am very grateful to darxus and lilbjorn, who answered cathijosephine’s post asking for help tonight. darxus and cathijosephine spent part of their scheduled date filling a 20-yard dumpster, and lilbjorn helped me clean the kitchen and took the last carload of stuff to Quincy with me.

I’m also very grateful to surrealestate for a delicious and relaxing Thanksgiving-dinner break on Thursday. I needed it.

I don’t think this is quite the most gruelling experience I’ve gone through, but it’s certainly in the top ten and almost certainly in the top five. But I am truly blessed to have the friends, the family (chosen and born), and the tribe I do. My life is good. (And it’s better now that the Malden house is cleared out, and I can start paying attention to my new home.)
Local: Quincy house pre-purchase

Back down to one house

I now own only one house. That, in my opinion, is the right number. Also, it’s in Quincy, which is the right place.

Taxes are going to be more complicated, and probably more expensive, than I had planned for. But other than that, the actual closing went far more smoothly than any of the rest of this ordeal did. (I will post the details, behind a cut, sometime after I get a lot of sleep.)

The buyer’s broker was very impressed with the state of the house as we left it. I think she didn’t think we were going to get it cleared out in time. Thanks so much to all of you who helped!

Bye-bye, house in userpic!