September 4th, 2005

Me: facing camera in tree at BiCamp 2004

Quick post from BiCamp

I’m having a fabulous BiCamp — too fabulous, really, to be sitting at a keyboard typing, but since I can, thanks to Kala’s phone and laptop, I decided the gratuitious geekery was worth it. The drive up here with Kala and cathijosephine was smooth, and the weather has been utterly perfect. Went swimming yesterday; today Kala and I are about to go walk to the river and dunk our feet. I’ve done lots of napping. cathijosephine is a fabulous camp cook. I'm so glad that xmelancholia and treasonx were able to come. I’m also especially glad to get to see onemintjulep. It’s a fabulous time, and just what I needed!