May 7th, 2005

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

Lovely weekend so far

So it’s been a lovely weekend so far. Had a highly productive as well as fun and yummy date with cathijosephine. Highly productive because we spent some of it replacing her couch and rolling kitchen island with newer ones. This involved moving the old furniture out of the apartment (some disassembly required), going to get the new furniture (did I mention I didn’t have my car with me, so this was by hand? Fortunately she only lives a block or so from the place she bought the furniture from), and assembling the new furniture. When I heard the plan last night I thought there was no way we were going to accomplish it in one evening, but I should never underestimate cathijosephine. It was actually lots of fun! And, I got to see The Princess Bride for the the first time! (I’d seen bits of it, but not the whole thing.) And we went to cathijosephine’s favourite Indian restaurant, Rangoli, for a wonderful meal marred only by the use of cilantro more as substrate than as garnish. Next time I’ll think to ask for no cilantro. But the dosa was yummy, and the rose lassi was really yummy, and the tandoori chicken was easy to pick the cilantro off of. Oh, and this morning we went to the yummy Brazilian place for breakfast, and I got to see faerieschylde for a while while cathijosephine and I put together the kitchen island and all of us watched The Princess Bride

On the T on the way home, I bumped into cathijosephine’s friend C., who was on her way to go dress shopping. That was a delightful surprise.

Tomorrow I get to go see surrealestate in her play.

What I should do right now is pay bills and clean, What I'm going to do instead is take a nice hot shower and crawl into bed for a nap, because obviously eleven hours of glorious sleep last night wasn’t enough.