April 11th, 2005

Me: buzzcut profile in Harvard Square

Excellent weekend

Excellent weekend! In addition to lovely time with friends on Friday and (unexpectedly) Sunday, the Eddie Izzard marathon on Saturday went swimmingly. Glad so many wonderful folks could come!

Now ’wabbit fall down. Night-night!
Astro: moon

Death of a friend

I heard today that a former housemate of mine (and of sionnagh’s) died yesterday, after heart surgery. I hadn’t been in very good touch with her since she moved to California, and didn’t even know until a couple weeks ago that she’d moved back to this coast, but I certainly have very fond memories of her. I don’t believe in an afterlife, but I enjoy the fancy that now she’s feeding Schnapps tunafish somewhere, as in life.

(I don’t like turning off comments, but I don’t need support; I’m fine. I just wanted to mark something important in my life.)