February 12th, 2005

Hawaii: palm tree in Honolulu

Lousy weather

Well, the weather here has been lousy the last couple of days. I mean, we had to cut short our trip to the beach yesterday after only two or three hours, because it started raining. (The swimming was nice until then, though.) And last night I think it got down to the upper 60s (F); it’s probably only in the 70s now. Oh, well, I guess in the middle of winter, you just have to suffer.

Had yummy dinner last night with docorion and sionnagh: pan-seared ahi in a wasabi lemon butter, lamb shanks, and coconut-encrusted moi.

Going contra dancing tonight.

sionnagh’s new housemates are cool. Hamlet is awesome as always. Having tremendous fun (and getting lots of sleep), but missing my Boston people. I wish I could bring you all here with me. :-)

More soon..