February 11th, 2005

Hawaii: palm tree in Honolulu

Bleary update before shower and bed

Made it here safely, and I'm at sionnagh's new apartment. Her housemates are nice people.

Many thanks to surrealestate for volunteering to drive me to the airport early this morning! It was great to get an opportunity to see her.

The flights were uneventful except for a very tight connection in Atlanta -- I made it to the gate as all groups were boarding, and the plane was in the air ten minutes later.

Unfortunately, I packed the wrong books in my carry-on luggage, so when I finished the third Lemony Snickett book, I didn't have anything to read that I hadn't read already. So the flights were kind of long. It didn't help that I'd only had about 2.5 hours' sleep. I did probably get another two hours total on the planes, but still, between that and the five hour time difference, it's time for bed.

(BTW, I believe the timestamp on this post will be HST, so 5:15am EDT. It's been a long day. :-)