January 24th, 2005

Me: Looking down on Vermont train

Weekend report

I have to say, Arisia is a fabulous place to spend a blizzard. Had wonderful snuggles with cathijosephine (especially, but also with other people), got to see quite a bit of shadesong (who ended up crashing in the same room I ended up crashing in on Sunday night), got to catch up and do some talking with surrealestate, made it to three panels (a lot fewer than I had intended, but nice nonetheless), got to say hi to lots of people I don’t see very often and lots I do, and got to see the wonderful docorion, visiting from the tropics. Had yummy Sichuan food at P. F. Chang’s, which I’d never been to, with cathijosephine, sparkymonster, and Mr. Pet, that being the only time between Friday afternoon and this morning that I left the hotel.

docorion and I got back home (after dropping shadesong at the airport and surrealestate at home, with a brief stop at the Diesel to empty and refill our bladders) to the lovely sight of a partially cleared driveway and completely cleared sidewalk, since our wonderful second-floor tenants had managed to get into the barn (which took some doing only because the lock was frozen shut) and get the snowblower and done a lot of work. docorion is away being social, and I had a nice meditative time (no, seriously!) clearing the rest of the driveway and a couple spots in front of the house.

On a less pleasant note, when we got home all the water pipes in the kitchen and bathroom were frozen. O turned up the heat and judiciously applied space heaters, and at this point the kitchen sink and shower are working again (which reminds me; I should take a shower and warm up).

All in all, I came through the Great Blizzard of ought-five pretty well.

And I adore cathijosephine, but you knew that.
Me: swimming at the Ledges

Wonderful weekend, but on the other hand...

So it was a wonderful weekend, but on the other hand, burst pipes are bad.

(Things are under control now; most of the water in the kitchen has been mopped up, and a plumber will be arriving tomorrow, and I found the right valve so the rest of the house has water and the broken pipe is no longer gushing. But it’s not what I wanted to come home to.)

I don’t usually use this particular userpic for stressful events, but in this case it seems appropriate.