November 28th, 2004

Lang: Old English (Widsith)

Why keyne is keen

I met keyne a long time ago, at a Usenix conference we both attended when I was working at Princeton. I remember thinking she was really neat, fascinating, attractive, and intelligent, and it was a terrible shame we lived so far apart and would quite likely never see each other again. We traded a little email over the years, at long intervals, and then many years later when I was living in Boston I saw some mail from her (I forget whether it was on a mailing list or personal to me) that implied she was in the area, and I was quite pleased. Collapse )I wish there were more of her in my life; in fact, I sort of wish she wrote novels (or essays), so I could have some of her on my shelves.
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How wonderful Cory is

My friend [chienne_folle] doesn’t have a LiveJournal account [but she does now]; she does her communicating the old-fashioned way, and she’s very good at it. I first met her when I was subletting an apartment in Princeton from her and her partner Norman one summer. In echos of my story about keyne, I thought she was a really neat, interesting person, and I was sorry I wasn’t likely to really get to know her. But then she and Norman moved to Boston years later, and now she’s one of my closest and most trusted friends.

She is an amazingly warm and kind person, and an incredible listener. I tend to lean on my friends a lot, and I lean on [chienne_folle] more than most – she’s just so very good at it. I feel especially good when I can reciprocate a little bit. She’s always been supportive, free with advice at the same time she realizes that advice isn’t always the point, perceptive, engaged, and caring. She’s very intelligent, but not just in a scholarly, fact-oriented way: she understands people. The things that don’t make sense make sense to her, and to have somebody like that in your life is a blessing.

She’s another one of those people who seem to me like a real grownup, while most of us are just faking it. She’s mature and responsible and trustworthy, but she doesn’t forget to put the oxygen mask on herself before assisting other passengers. If everybody on this planet had a tenth of her interpersonal smarts, this would be a much, much better world; as it is, it’s a much better world than it would be without [chienne_folle] in it.