July 16th, 2004

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

Lovely evening

In case I don’t post tomorrow, happy birthday to sandhawke.

I’ve had some fabulous times lately, but I’m so far behind in posting about them that I’m just going to post about yesterday evening. Had a wonderful dinner at Baraka Café, a Tunisian place in Central Square, with purrfab, followed by a meander around the neighbourhood, punctuated with lots of pausing to look at and smell flowers, and check out a nifty 1930’s-or-so truck (no longer drivable; evidently last on the road in 1998, according to the inspection sticker), a Jaguar (“Mmmm, shiny!” said purrfab), some yard art, a little balancing cow in somebody’s window, and the choir practicing at a Korean church. All of this was the background for some excellent conversation.

Then I stopped by ivyvigne’s, and ended up hanging out for quite a while with her and somebody whose LJ name I don’t know. That was delightful. It’s nice to be hanging out with some people who are as cuddly as I am again – I had a bunch of people like that in college, but through the years I’ve had less and less of it in my life. And ivyvigne has cool friends (and housemates). My one regret was that I didn’t end up hanging out at all with apassingfeeling’s pug Elliott [fixed spelling]. Oh, well; next time.