June 14th, 2004

Me: swimming at the Ledges

Fabulous weekend!

Pride was excellent! The weather was perfect, and despite how last-minute everything was, it all fell together. I had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Had a wonderful time that evening, too.

Then Sunday I got to see a whole bunch of excellent people, among them weegoddess whom I see at the Diesel a lot, but don't often get to hang out in small groups and chat with, and scholargipsy and surrealestate, the latter gracing this part of the Commonwealth with her presence for a day or two, and who celebrated her return to the Massachusetts Bay by beating scholargipsy, sionnagh and me at Cities and Knights of Catan. It was a close game; for the first half or more of the game it looked like scholargipsy was going to win.

I have many wonderful people in my life, and I am joyful!
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