October 22nd, 2003

Me: swimming at the Ledges

Bevin and Sean's visit, et alia

docorion left Saturday morning at oh-dark-fifteen. I accompanied him to the airport, but we were both a bit groggy for scintillating conversation. :-) I look forward to seeing him again in November.

My sister Bevin and her sweetie Sean (who is a sweetie) arrived for a couple days on Sunday afternoon. (They had had a wedding in Western Mass to go to.) We had a great time! Bevin and sionnagh really enjoyed getting to see some more of each other, and I think sionnagh and Sean enjoyed meeting each other. We went to see Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees (warning: front page is Flash) at the Museum of Science's IMAX theatre, which was a lot of fun. (I wanted to go see the space station movie there today with golux_org, but I didn't think I was going to get out of work in time.) Monday Bevin and Sean went back to the Museum of Science to see the exhibits, and said they really enjoyed themselves.

Monday evening sionnagh had a little gathering to play games, and we had a lovely time (although I think only two games ended up getting played -- sionnagh got her Mü fix, and I got to break in my copy of Smart Mouth).

Bevin and Sean left early Tuesday morning to drive back to Raleigh. It was great to see them, and I hope my next opportunity is soon.

And Tuesday night sionnagh and I spent some time reading Harry Potter to each other.

Oh, and a work-related coda: Today at work we got a tour of our new building. The walls aren't up yet on my new office, but it's framed. I think the building is going to be a really nice space to spend my work days in, and the systems group's space as a whole is going to be laid out much more conveniently than it is now. (For instance, our offices will be on the same floor as the machine room, and the student volunteers' space will be right across the hall.) And as we were walking back to our (current) building afterwards, we walked past Mike Dukakis, who is a professor at Northeastern now (or teaches a class or two, anyway). David (my boss) says that he's a really nice guy.
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

A dream last night

I had a slightly odd dream last night. In real life, and in the dream, I have five canine teeth -- two next to each other on my upper left. (One is smaller than the other, although maybe it just wasn't able to descend all the way.) I'd make an interesting vampire.

In the dream, I was watching a movie (or something like that -- someplace dark) and noticed that my extra tooth wiggled a bit when I pressed it with my tongue. I wiggled it for a while with my tongue in that way you do nearly involuntarily with a loose tooth, and then reached up to check with my fingers and see how much it wiggled, and it came out in my hand (with a bit of bleeding and a dull ache). I remember wondering whether over time my other teeth would shift a bit and I'd have less of a hard time flossing and a more symmetrical smile, or whether I'd just have this weird almost-but-not-quite tooth-sized gap for the rest of my life.