June 6th, 2003

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

The last few days

Sorry for being out of touch for a while -- we had some busy times, and then Tigris and Tom's cable modem was out for a day.

We ended up not making it sailing, alas; another thing to look forward to for my next visit. :-)

Two days ago (on Wednesday), Tigris and I went to Kailua Beach (while Tom was working). That's yet another spectacularly gorgeous white-sand beach with stunning views in all directions. I took a few pictures and will post a link when I've gotten back and gotten them sorted. When they lived on the Big Island, Tom and Tigris lived in an area of Kona called Kailua. The post office calls it Kailua-Kona to distinguish it from Kailua on O'ahu; everybody there just calls it Kailua. So it was mildly amusing to be in Kailua on a different island. Well, OK, I guess I'm very easily amused.

Yesterday (Thursday), we went downtown and I bummed around near the waterfront while Tom and Tigris did some stuff they had scheduled. There's a four-masted sailing vessel in the harbour, the Falls of Clyde! A little plaque proclaims it the only four-masted something-something sailing vessel still in existence. I didn't have my camera with me, but there's some more information about the ship with a few pictures here. There's a little maritime museum next to it, but I didn't go in.

After that (and after some coffee -- which is probably why I was up so late last night -- and a "green 'tea'-ramisu" in the shape of a teacup, which the Lord G-d Almighty commanded me that I must order, because it was so cute), we went to the Pali Lookout at Nu'uanu Pali State Park, which I had seen on my last trip here (scroll about a third of the way down). I got some more pictures there (and Tigris and Tom got some new pictures of me).

Then we went to the Pali Paths meeting, which is held in a UU church not far from the Pali Lookout (both on the Pali Highway). That was a lot of fun! I already knew a few of the people there, met a bunch more of the regulars, and there were a couple of people new to the group who showed up. It was a kind of a different vibe from Poly Boston (not better or worse, just different). Afterwards, as I gather is the tradition, we went out to Zippy's, a local restaurant chain that's open late. I had kimchee fried rice (yum!) and chili (so-so).

Oh, and of course there were lots of dips in Tigris and Tom's pool mixed in there. So that brings me up to date!

Hawaii: palm tree in Honolulu

The manapua truck

Since I’ve gotten here, every morning I’ve heard the tinkly, music-box-like music with varying tempo that I associate with ice cream trucks. The first morning I heard it, I wanted to go out and see if I could get an ice-cream cone, but I didn’t have a key to the house and I wasn’t quite dressed.

It's not an ice-cream truck. It’s a manapua truck.

Manapua are big round steamed buns filled (usually) with barbecued pork, very similar to, but not completely identical with, the ones you get at dim-sum. They’re yummy (although I have it on good authority that the ones from this particular manapua truck aren’t quite so yummy), and you find them at little kiosks and carts — and trucks — in Hawai‘i the way you find hot dogs and Jamaican patties in Boston.

In other local-kine food news, I have (somewhat surprisingly) not yet had anything with spam in it this trip. Spam is the national food of Hawai‘i. My favourite Hawai‘ian spam dish (so far) is spam-and-egg musubi -- basically spam sushi: spam and scrambled egg, wrapped in rice, wrapped in seaweed (and usually quite a bit bigger than a typical sushi maki). There were a couple spam dishes on the menu at Zippy’s last night, but I was more interested in the kimchee fried rice.