March 15th, 2003

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

π party

queue's π party last night was most excellent. Yummy pies and fun company. I had yummy quiche and surrealestate's splendid veggie pot pie for dinner (forget who brought the quiche), Debby's apple-cinnamon-raisin pie for an appetizer, and some bits of other stuff. Didn't get a chance to try queue's own jam pie, alas. Actually, there were large numbers of pies I would have loved to try. So many pies; so little room! It was a really nice time.

The Poly Boston social on Thursday was also great - well attended, which was a change from the past few months. And people seemed to have a great time. And I got to play with a puppy dog. :-) I miss Hamlet.