Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Optometry grumpiness and wet Pride

(1) Here, I told y’all about my incorrect contact-lens prescription, and getting it changed. On Friday, I picked up the new lenses — and they’re even worse than the original prescription! They’re a stronger prescription, and I told the optometrist when I went back to tell him the original prescription was wrong that I thought it was an overcorrection, so now that I realize that I’m not at all surprised that the new one is even worse. I could go back and try to get it adjusted again, but I have no confidence in this guy any more. I could try to get him a prescription for the exact same lenses I used to have (of which I still have a couple pairs, and in fact they’re what I’m wearing now to type this; the only thing that bugs me about them is that they’re very floppy and physically hard to handle). Or I could consider the $300 or so I’ve spent on this so far (lenses and exam) squandered and start over with another optometrist. Grump.

(2) Pride was fun, but wet. Very wet. And it was less fun for cathijosephine, who was staffing the table at the rally on the common while we marched, and who had the shelter break spectacularly and collapse in a gust of wind. It was only prevented from falling her (I understand; I wasn’t there for this) by the quick-thinking cute burly guys in kilts from the Utilikilts booth across the way, who caught it as it fell. And all this happened just as the parade was ending, so (I presume; I didn’t actually hear this from her) before the rally and the booth had had much traffic.

The march itself was fun, though. I was surprised at the size of the crowds watching, given the weather. We handed out almost all the cards I printed, I believe, and a bunch of pamphlets. The signs cathijosephine and others made looked great. The actual marching contingent was pretty substantial. And I ran into gishmi1ish! That was a delightful surprise.

Have to go have a hot shower and do some laundry now...
Tags: boston, diary, health, poly

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