Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Just got home; very brief update

Just got home from a fabulous, delightful weekend in New York City. I hope to write all about the weekend when I have time, but for now, I’ll just mention that at the performance I met K.’s good friend and collaborator Sukato (an expected pleasure) and also K.’s father and stepmother (an unexpected pleasure), and also that the squirrels in Central Park are amazingly tame and that it is financially stupid to drive down to NYC when there are busses that will take me there for $20-$30 round-trip (not that that’s going to stop me from doing it again). Now to sleep! Well, first to shower, because I don’t think I’m willing to sleep with myself before a shower.
Tags: allterrainbrain, arts, diary, friends, nyc, travel, tribe

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