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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
Quick news report 
18th-May-2006 12:27 am
Me: swimming at the Ledges
After yesterday’s crummy day, today was awesome. I got lots of sleep and woke up to sunshine.

On my way in to work, about fifteen or twenty little kids of maybe three years old (accompanied by a couple adults) came into the subway car I was on, all happy and giggling with each other and polite and friendly and babbling in the baby-talk approximation of some language I couldn’t place, maybe Korean or maybe some not-very-tonal variety of Chinese. That totally made my day.

Work went well.

Had yummy dinner (and gelato, for the first time, I think) with lilbjorn in the North End, and it was great. I need to spend more time in the North End; I’ve almost never been. The place we ate was Caffè Pompei, and the food was very good, albeit a bit too generous.

Oh, speaking of generous food, I stopped in briefly at the gym today, and I actually lost a little bit of weight in Hawai‘i. It must have been the fact that I ate such very healthy food, or that I was eating it in such small quantities. Also, I lifted a little more weight on some of the machines than I usually do, and hadn’t even broken a sweat by the end. I thought I got a lot less exercise in Hawai‘i than I usually do, except for the time in the water (and even then, I was basically just hanging out rather than swimming), but I guess I won’t look gift muscles in the mouth. Maybe sunshine is just good for me.

Stopped by cathijosephine’s on the way home and had a nice time with her.

Next weekend is going to be great! I'm going down to NYC on Saturday, seeing nex0s and eisa, going to the performance of Kala’s resident-artist piece at Tribeca (yay), hopefully spending a lot of time at the Strand, and getting some time with Kala on Sunday. Also might end up seeing gishmi1ish on Monday — gishmi1ish, are we on for that?

And I’m basically just happy and excited about life.

Now to go get some sleep so I stay that way.
18th-May-2006 05:22 am (UTC)
I am 90% certain that yes, we are on for Monday. I might have a dog with me-- did I already mention that part?
18th-May-2006 11:55 am (UTC)
Agreed about the North End -- I don't get there often enough either.

Yay for life! :-)
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