Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Kissing is good for you

My stepfather Don sent me a link to this (very short and fluffy article): Sucking Face is Healthy. (Link warning: The article is innocuous, but the graphic they illustrated it with is a screen-capture from a horror movie, captioned “Taking face sucking to a whole other level...” and might be disturbing.)

Here are links to the articles the above summary references: Kissing 'could help hay fever' and Kiss your allergies goodbye. From the latter article:
In the latest study, 24 men and women with hay fever were told to spend 30 minutes kissing their partners while listening to soft music, such as Sir Elton John's Lion King song Can You Feel The Love Tonight? and My Heart Will Go On, the Celine Dion hit from the movie Titanic.
My goodness, they experimented with Céline Dion on human subjects? I can’t believe that study got past the review board!
Tags: links, silly
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