Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

While I'm complaining...

Well, I figured out why the house (the first floor, anyway) has been so cold lately. I'd assumed it was just really cold outside (which it is), and the furnace wasn't keeping up. But the furnace is in fact not coming on. Dunno why; it's got water in it. Something clicks when I turn up the thermostat. The stove has gas. But no heat. I vaguely remember something like this happening once before and there being some magic button to push or something. Oh, well; I'll deal with it later - I've got a space-heater in the office and a nice toasty waterbed to sleep in. For now, off to have a nice hot breakfast and a look at the newspaper. (Hmmm, looking at the newspaper. Well, that will give me more to complain about, anyway...)

PS - And Livejournal suggests, among others, "waterbirds", "wardrobed", and "Waterbury" for "waterbed".

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