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Home again, and the rest of my Hawai‘i trip

So, when my last post was so rudely interrupted by the boarding call for my plane, I’d gotten to...

Friday: As I mentioned, I didn’t get to snorkel at Lanikai Beach, since I couldn’t get my mask to seal properly. Actually, it was fine for the first five minutes and then it developed a weird gap at the temple that I couldn’t figure out how to fix. That also meant I didn’t make the anticipated use of the cheap underwater camera I’d bought, but I did end up taking it out and taking a bunch of pictures while swimming. sionnagh and I tried to take some underwater pictures of each other; we’ll see how those came out. (Getting film developed! How quaint!) I had a great time swimming, though, and sitting on the beach writing cards.

After the beach, sionnagh and I went to a place called Lucy’s Grill and Bar, where we shared the mixed grill for two which was really yummy. It had a lamb shank, chicken, um, some other stuff that I can’t remember, and some really excellent sauces.

Then we went to the waterfront (don’t ask me what water we were in front of, because I don’t know exactly, but there were boats moored there) for fireworks. See, there’s a hotel that puts on a fireworks show for their guests every Friday, and of course it’s visible over a wide area, so people go watch. Every Friday. Fireworks. You’d think I was in Las Vegas or something.

Before the fireworks started, I wandered around and took pictures. My favorite is of the sunset through tree branches. (I’m antsy to get some pictures posted, but sleep might come first.)

Then we ended up at a nice little gathering where I got to re-meet some of sionnagh’s friends I’d met on earlier visits.

Saturday/Sunday: Saturday was mostly about packing and flying, but I squeezed a final order of spam musubi in between them. :-) My return trip was in two legs: HNL→DFW and DFW→BOS. The HNL→DFW leg was long, almost eight hours, and on a crowded plane. I’d been hoping to get some sleep on that flight, but I didn’t manage to. I did nap a couple hours on the DFW→BOS flight, though, but that’s all the sleep I had last night (and I lost six hours of the night to time-zone changes). I think at this point my best bet is to try to stay up until 10 or so and get a good solid night’s sleep tonight.

I landed in a grey, rainy Boston whose weather is almost, but not quite, completely unlike Hawai‘i’s. Evidently it was like this all the time I was gone. I don’t generally mind grey skies and drizzle, but it sure feels good to have dosed up on sunshine.

And that’s what’s been up with me. How are all of you?

PS — Expect new userpics soon.
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