Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

More of my Hawai‘i trip

Well, I have about half an hour before my flight boards, and HNL has public internet kiosks, so I figure this is a good opportunity to catch up on posting about my Hawai’i trip. Pictures will hopefully follow... eventually. :-)

Wednesday: sionnagh and I went to Kailua Beach, one of our favorites. I discovered when I got there that my camera was out of battery, but I took a few pictures on my phone, and anyway I’ve taken a lot of pictures at Kailua Beach in the past.

Wednesday evening sionnagh had arranged dinner at an Italian restaurant, Buca di Beppo, with a bunch of her friends. It was family-style, so we ordered four or five dishes for the dozen or so of us and it was a feast. It was also quite raucous, in a pleasant and festive way.

Thursday: sionnagh and I met our friends K. and T. at the water park we often go to. Usually we have K.’s daughter with us, but she was at school; it was still a lot of fun, though. Then we went to the weekly Pali Paths meeting, which was a bit small but entertaining.

Friday: We went to Lanikai Beach, near Kailua Beach, which I’d never been to before and sionnagh had only been to once. It was great; possibly my favorite beach of this trip. The snorkelling is supposed to be very good, but my mask sprang a leak.

Oops, my flight is boarding; must run! More soon...
Tags: diary, food, friends, hawai'i, outdoors, travel

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