Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quick update, and happy birthday!

First of all, happy birthday to my fabulous brother-in-law (although the phrase “brother outlaw” sounds better; if you were running from an angry posse, he’s the kind of person you’d want at your side) spacechicken and his brother bobtshirt!

Friday, went to see Cleopatra the Musical, and had a fabulous time. I heard about it because Randy Milholland, who writes Something Positive is in it and mentioned it on the S*P web site. Thanks, Randy! (The real-life model for his character Jason is also in the play.)

Saturday, drove cathijosephine up to faerieschylde’s in New Hampshire. That was my first trip in Grisha mixing vegetable oil with the diesel fuel. Grisha drove fine, although the smell was a bit odd. I was sort of expecting a cooked-in-oil smell, but it was more a burnt-in-oil smell. In retrospect, that makes sense. (cathijosephine said she didn’t notice it. My nose is mighty.)

My plan for the afternoon was to go to Costco and get some stuff done around the house. Instead I got distracted by a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and got sucked into computer configuration and upgrading. On the bright side, I have bedclothes that fit my bed, now, instead of being ridiculously too big.

Sunday, drove back up to pick up cathijosephine at faerieschylde’s. On the way out of town, we stopped at a homemade ice-cream place called the Big Dipper. It was yummy! Next time I’m up there, we need to bring faerieschylde with us, because cathijosephine doesn’t like bananas, and I can’t eat a whole banana split by myself.

It’s always lovely to get the time in the car with cathijosephine and to see faerieschylde; this past weekend it was also great to enjoy the wonderful sunny driving weather.

I forget what I did Sunday evening, but I’m sure it was productive. Oh! Had a delightful surprise; got to see bitty and bubblebabble, who stopped by after joining docorion on a trip to Ikea.

It’s going to be truly amazing weather for me next week, too. :-)

[Random technical question: Anybody else use the Camino web browser? How do you get it to support Emacs text bindings, or even recognize the Home and End keys, in text fields?]
Tags: arts, cars, cathijosephine, diary, family, food, friends

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