Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Linux World, Mrs Henderson Presents, and my new hero

Yesterday in lieu of my regular work day I went to Linux World Expo, along with my boss. It was fun and I certainly learned some interesting stuff, but certainly not something I would have travelled for. Nice to have it in Boston, though. I heard a nifty (and well-attended) talk at the O’Reilly booth by Jesse Vincent on his company’s new (free) web-application development tool, Jifty.

So last night I met chienne_folle for dinner and a movie in Arlington Center. We had dinner at a restaurant called Bangalore. My experience was better than hers; my malai kofta was very good. Her muttar paneer, which she ordered mild, was too spicy for her to eat. Fortunately, the garlic naan had cilantro on it, so I couldn’t eat it and she got all of it. I always forget to ask for no cilantro at Indian restaurants, because not all of them use it.

Then, after a walk because we had a lot of time to kill, we saw Mrs Henderson Presents, which I really really enjoyed. The plot was pretty straightforward and unsurprising (although quite sweet), but it was just charmingly crafted and full of very good lines.

On the way home after the movie, I was listening to a BBC Newshour piece on WBUR on the discovery and translation of a manuscript of the Gospel of Judas. One of the guests made the point that the canonical New Testament gospels leave us wondering what Judas’ motivation was in betraying Jesus, and that the new manuscript might shed some light on that. Then ’BUR went to a station break, and the local announcer started talking about the benefits of underwriting and what was going to be on their flagship call-in talk show On Point the next morning. But I noticed that the background music for the station break was a bit unusual for public radio. It was, well, peppier and more whimsical than one usually expects even the incidental music to be. The sort of thing you might expect on commercial TV, for instance.

And then it struck me. It was the theme song from The Price Is Right.

Whatever ’BUR sound technician chose that music is my new hero!
Tags: arts, diary, food, history, humour, news, tech, work

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