Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Full and excellent weekend

It was a great weekend!

I got together with minerva42, underwatercolor, and kkpixie on Friday night for Japanese food (at Kagawa, the excellent Japanese place in Quincy Center that I frequent) and a movie. We watched 12 Monkeys. I confess I didn’t pay quite as much attention to the movie as I might have, but that was OK; I’d seen it before. It was good.

Then on Saturday I went out to Northampton to see gishmi1ish. I had a great time! She showed me around the Smith campus a little bit, and in particular she took me to the greenhouses, where we discovered they were having a bulb show, so there was a lot to see. I wish I’d thought to bring my camera with me. We had dinner at Moshi Moshi, gishmi1ish’s favourite Japanese restaurant in Northampton, and had a really great time talking. I also got to see aibyou_canti, albeit briefly, and meet the menagerie at his house.

On Sunday I went to the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s annual Spring Flower Show and had a nice time. I was tempted to buy some wildflowers for the yard, but it slipped my mind before I left. I did get some yummy herb mixes. I also took lots of pictures, and hopefully at some point soon I’ll have a chance to post some of them.

Now it’s time to do some laundry, pay some bills, maybe do some cleaning, and hopefully get to sleep early. Tomorrow evening I get to see zzbottom for dinner, yay!

Oh, PS — I think my car is on its last legs. I hope to replace it really soon, because after the trip back from Northampton, I’m not sure I trust it for another significant trip.

[Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention: I saw Transamerica with gishmi1ish. It wasn’t what I expected at all, but I loved it. I think I want to see that again.]
Tags: arts, cars, diary, events, food, friends, travel

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