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Weekend update, and weird dream

Lovely weekend, slightly marred by heavy falling things.

Saturday I went over to help buxom_bey and woodwardiocom a bit with their awesome new apartment. Congratulations on your new place! (What’s going on — I move away from Malden and all of a sudden all the cool stuff is there. Dancing, and now woodwardiocom and buxom_bey. Did property values shoot up when I left or something?) Anyway, it’s a great place, and I was happy to get to see it (and see deadwinter and supercheesegirl).

Saturday evening I went to a really wonderful party with lots of eye-, brain-, and soul-candy. Also candy candy. :-) I had a great time, although I ended up taking a brief nap around 2:00am. I left around 4:00, and got home close to 5. It was a really good time.

Sunday I thought I had plans to go to an event at a friend’s house, and I was bumming that I probably wasn’t going to be conscious enough for it. Turned out I had put it on the wrong date in my calendar; it was actually on Saturday, so I’d already missed it.

So I slept late (ish, anyway; not as late as I should have), and today (Sunday) went to brunch with docorion at the Bickford’s near home. My scrambled eggs were perfectly fine. His Big Apple Pancake (really more like a soufflé) was to die for.

Then I came home and did some stuff around the house, with limited success. The clutter and messiness of my (very small) bedroom has been driving me crazy lately. I have shelving from Ikea to fix that, but I haven't had a sufficient stretch of time to clear out the space in the bedroom, put the shelves together, and put all the stuff back on the shelves. That was what I tried to do today.

My first setback was when the top shelf fell on me while I was kneeling to put the bottom shelf on. It hit the side of my head, from just above my eye to just behind my ear. Almost no blood, but some swelling. And I thought it had destroyed my glasses (my last pair of old glasses that I’d switched to a few weeks before the move when my newest pair broke), but I was able to bend them back into shape. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they snap unexpectedly, though, so I’m going to be wearing (or at least carrying) my contacts a lot. Fortunately, I have an eye appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so I will be able to get new glasses (and contact lenses) soon.

My second setback was when I discovered that the cross-braces which theoretically prevent the completed shelves from flopping over like the clothes of the righteous at the moment of the Rapture and spilling all my expensive consumer electronics onto the floor do not in fact fit. Given that, I'm not sure how the shelves are supposed to work. It’s possible that they come in multiple sizes and I bought the wrong size, or that there's something basic that I’m missing. Worst-case, I can use L-brackets. Anyway, now I have some precariously-balanced shelving in my bedroom that I can't actually put stuff on, and my bed is covered with stuff that needs to go on the shelves. I’ll survive, but I’ll see if I can spin it into some epic tale first. :-)

So I resigned myself to the state of my shelves (which really will be excellent when they are done and will make my bedroom much more functional), and docorion and I went to meet cathijosephine and her dad for dinner near the T station, with a beer at her place afterwards. Her dad is in town helping her deal with getting her bathroom repaired and redone. It was nice to see him again, and nice to see cathijosephine and her fabulously clean condo and her very cute kitty.

Oh, I also wanted to mention a dream I had on Friday morning. This is largely for my own reference, so I’ll cut it and you can ignore it unless you’re following the minutiae of my subconscious. I was on a first date with somebody I was getting along with really well. We were having a picnic on a grassy hillside by some river somewhat reminiscent of the swimming hole at BiCamp; there were lots of other people around. I had either met her on line or been set up with her by mutual friends. Anyway, we’d gotten to know each other a bit over email, and been really excited about meeting each other, and this was the first time we’d met in person. It went really well, and we both had the sense that this would have been really significant, that this might have been the start of a serious, maybe even life-long relationship ...

... if it weren’t for the fact that I was under a death sentence for some sort of political crime, and I was going to be executed as soon as we were done with our date. The executioners (who were perfectly nice people, just doing their jobs for a corrupt and evil totalitarian state) had kindly let me go ahead and go through with this one last pleasant experience before the sentence was carried out; they were up higher on the hill keeping an eye on me. The standard method of execution was strangling with wire.

So that was hanging over us, but we were both doing a very good job of seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty — not so much “a couple weeks earlier (or no death sentence) and we could have actually gotten to know each other” as “wow, aren’t we lucky that we at least got to meet before it was too late”. It was an odd, bittersweet feeling, but with lots of sweet as well as bitter. (Oh, and in the dream I had a bit of a cold, so I was bummed that I didn’t even get to kiss her, because I might be contagious. You have strange priorities in a dream.)

Through most of the dream, I’d been assuming that at some point I’d just say “well, it’s been lovely; thank you so much”, and say goodbye, and go let the executioners know I was ready. But towards the very end of the dream (I think as I was starting to wake up) it occurred to me to wonder whether it would make sense to try to escape. Even if I was caught right away, it was that many more minutes or hours of life, and there was the off chance I’d make it. I could, for instance, go out into the river as if I was taking a swim, and then try to escape along the river. If I did that, of course, there was a chance, albeit a small chance, that I’d live to meet this really nifty person again some time. I hadn’t decided yet whether to try the escape, but I was pondering the problem that if I tried to get her contact information (which for some reason I didn’t have) or arrange some mechanism for staying in touch, I’d be causing her a lot of hassle with the authorities and putting my escape at greater risk. As I was pondering this (and still trying to decide whether it was worth trying to escape at all), I woke up.

(What woke me up was that I had turned over onto my stomach in my sleep — which I don’t remember ever doing before — and I had scrunched my nose and mouth into the pillow in a way that was making it hard to breathe. I think that might have been the source of the dream idea that I had a cold, too.)

So, a very weird dream, with happy bits, sad bits, and strange bits. I can’t think of anything in my real life that might have prompted such an odd dream. (I am, by the way, doing fine — I’m sure this dream is just part of my subconscious processing stuff; it doesn’t feel problematic or worrisome.) I have to say, I’m impressed with how imaginative my subconscious is.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, people should remind me to post a little mini-review at some point of my new Nokia 770 “internet tablet”, which I’m really happy with. Also, at some point I have to post photos of the new facial-hair arrangement. (Beard, no mustache, no sideburns, no more C. Everett Koop look.) Wow, shaving takes a long time! Why do you people do it?

But for now I need to clear off my bed, take out my contacts, and sleep the sleep of the just, or at least the just really sleepy.

PS — I have recently become addicted to Questionable Content. I’m working my way through them from the beginning. I’ve gotten up to late 2004.
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