Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Update from NYC

I'm posting this from Kala's stairwell due to the kind assistance of an anonymous neighbour of hers (well, not quite anonymous, but the only name I have for them is LINKSYS.)

I made it onto the 9:00 bus this morning with a few minutes to spare, and (much to everyone's surprise) the bus made it to New York on schedule — that never happens! (Since we passed a Fung Wah bus on the side of the road about to be towed, I'm glad I didn't take the 8:00 bus.)

nex0s met me at the bus stop in Chinatown, and we had yummy Dim Sum and did a lot of catching up. Then we walked to Kala's place and Kala met us and we went for a walk around the neighborhood, and Kala and nex0s chatted about music and the city. Then Kala and I went back to her place (which looks great!) and got to catch up and looked at photos. It's been great to see her. Then I went out to meet beetiger for dinner. We ended up at a place that mostly does Peking roast duck, which I'd never had before; it was yummy.

Now I am hoping K.'s phone starts working so I can tell her I'm back. :-) Still, the stairwell has hot and cold running net, so I'm doing fine. [Edit: I got in mere moments after posting that.]

It's great to be on a trip and not be worrying about the moving pod in the driveway!
Tags: allterrainbrain, friends, nyc, travel

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