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PSA: No longer dating cathijosephine

[I posted something to this effect filtered on this date, but thought that there should be a publicly-visible post about it as well, so I'm backdating this.]

cathijosephine and I are no longer dating, to my great sadness. To make a long story short, it became clear recently that we weren’t going to keep having the kind of relationship we’d had, at least in the short term, and for a number of reasons we decided to take some time off from the casual friendly contact as well. We’ll be getting back in touch in May, and I hope we end up with a good strong solid friendship out of this. [Edit: May came at the end of February this year. Global warming, I suppose.]

I feel like she’s doing all the right things, and I’m doing all the right things, so hopefully what happens will be as close to right as possible. She has been exceptionally honest and kind and wise, and I have nothing but respect for how she’s handled this.

So far, I’m doing pretty well.
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