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Happy Happy Jay Joy

Well, after scaring you all with that last post, I've been having a great few days. My great few days appear to involve a lot of meals with friends:
I had dinner and did a lot of catching up on Thursday with chienne_folle at the Chinatown Eatery (lousy atmosphere, excellent inexpensive food).
Dinner with docorion at a very good Sichuan/Cantonese place near us that we hadn’t tried yet, at which we were joined by cathijosephine who called out of the blue just after we ordered to see if we wanted to come over for dinner. We ended up going over to her place after dinner for a beer while she did some cleaning, and got to look through her pictures from her trip to India a couple years ago.

I helped eisa pack her rental truck for her move to New York City. I’d budgetted the entire day for it, but we were basically done by noon. When I got there, 90% of her stuff was already neatly stacked in boxes on the porch. I wish everybody’s moves were that easy, especially mine. :-) And I hope the trip and unpacking went as smoothly. After the move, some of us went out to bring back food from The Broken Yolk, a really really good little diner that I’d never been in before. They have biscuits and sausage gravy! I’ve never seen that in this part of the country before. Now I have no reason to visit the South any more! (Well, except for bcat1 and spacechicken. And the weather.)

As I was driving home, I got another call from cathijosephine inviting me to a meal — this time with faerieschylde at our local favourite Japanese place (Kagawa, where the food is almost as attractive as the waitress). I was full (good thing I only got the half order of biscuits and gravy, or I’d have been too lethargic to drive home!), but I came along for a bowl of miso soup, a tempura-banana split with ginger ice cream, and the opportunity to ogle at faerieschylde’s food. It was great to hear how faerieschylde has been doing. After lunch (or dinner; I’m not sure which it was) we spent some time in the dollar store, where I got some sparkly nail polish and some toothpaste just for the amusement value of owning a tube of toothpaste with no English on it whatsoever, and precious few alphabetic characters, and then we checked out a furniture store where cathijosephine got some shelving and I gawked at some really amazing sleeper sofas. Once I have a clearer sense what the living room is going to look like, I may actually get one.

Today I slept late, woke up long enough to say hi to docorion and mud_puppy and take a shower, and went back to bed. That’s my idea of a good day. I just got up again, and when docorion comes back from brunch with mud_puppy and mattlistener we’ll spend some time working on unloading the pod in the driveway.

Lest y’all think it’s just good food with good people that makes me happy, the weather here has been truly spectacular lately. The past few days had highs in the 50s. Today is in the high 40s, and bright and sunny. And I have discovered that Brown Cow brand “cream on top” yogurt is extremely yummy. And when I went to Ikea last night they finally had all the pieces in stock I needed in order to assemble shelving for my room (although I’ll also need an opportunity to paint them).

Life is good.

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