Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quick Saturday update

Work has been a little frustrating lately, mainly because of (what I still presume are) ongoing hardware problems talking to our backup hardware. But classes start on Monday, so soon I’ll be too busy with other things to gripe about that. :-)

Had a lovely chat with Kala last night, mostly about her work (and music in general).

docorion just fed me coffee. He’s my new superhero. (Although he looks nothing like Too Much Coffee Man. :-)

Reading: I just finished The Italian Boy, and really enjoyed it. I’ve started on a work-related book (by my friend yesthattom), The Theory and Practice of System Administration. It’s useful and fun. I’m probably going to mix some fiction in with it, though.

Watching: I finished the Ralph Bakshi animated movie Wizards on the train last night. It’s very fun, but sexist in a casual, offhand way that I found particularly disturbing. (An example is this bit of voice-over narration: “The mutants had left for Blackwolf’s army, leaving only their wives.”) But I still enjoyed it. (I’d seen it before — I saw it in the theater when it came out originally in 19771, and of course I own the DVD, so I’ve seen it more recently than that, too.)

Planning: Today Kala and I are planning to go see Wallace & Gromit at the local second-run theater here in Quincy, which I haven’t checked out yet. Tomorrow I’m going to drive her down to NYC and help her move some stuff to her new apartment. (I saw photos last night; it looks really nice, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in person. It’s got an unfinished brick wall and red-laquered floorboards.)

I guess that’s the news for now. Y’all be good now, hear? And come back any time!
1 cathijosephine, this is your cue.
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