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Warmth and happiness

I’ve had a lovely weekend so far. (It’s not quite over, since I’m taking tomorrow off to drive down to NYC to pick up eisa and Puppy Monster and meet Kala for dinner.)

Friday night was a yummy dinner at cathijosephine’s with harlequinaide, xmelancholia, underwatercolor, and minerva42.

Yesterday started with some very nice time with docorion, and a somewhat meandering search for a breakfast buffet. As much as he’s been travelling, I haven’t had much time to talk to him since we moved. Then most of yesterday I worked on unpacking and organizing and made a little dent. Then I went to drwex and sweetmmeblue’s for New Year’s Eve, where I got to meet cyntergomes. It was a very good party, and I just wish I’d spent more time there and hadn’t been quite as tired as I was. Then, after dropping off harlequinaide and cyntergomes, cathijosephine and I came back here (I’m typing from home) and slept the sleep of the dead until close to noon.

After breakfast this morning (which I think was the first time I’ve ever fried bacon — and by the way, woodwardiocom, the lime marmelade was very yummy and I like it better than orange), I dropped cathijosephine off at xmelancholia’s and came back to do bills (which I didn’t quite get through) and laundry and dishes, zzbottom came over and we watched Almost Famous, which I really loved. It was great to get some time with him.

You know, putting the effort into remembering and describing the weekend as a sequence of chronological events has sort of distracted me from what motivated me to post this in the first place, which is a very strong feeling of contentment and of being cared for and having good people in my life. I’m in a very good place. I want to say a deep thank-you to all the people in my life: you made 2005 wonderful (despite all the work and worry of October and November), and I look forward to sharing 2006 with you.
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