Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Very quick summary of weekend trip to NYC

Very tired, so this will be just the nutshell summary:

Had a lovely drive down to NYC with eisa and Puppy Monster. Spent one hour and fifteen minutes driving around looking for parking, before boymeat Googled and guided me via phone to a parking garage that wasn’t full. Actually, probably spent more than that, since I didn’t think to look at the dashboard clock until the first time it occurred to me that I’d been driving around for an unusually long time. Got to hang out with boymeat and eisa and the pup. boymeat’s apartment is great! At a party, got to see my first menorah lighting, which was a little odd with the Christmas music playing.

Had plans to see Kala today, for brunch and an art exhibit, but she had something come up (long story involving computer failure) and that fell through, which I’m sorry about but completely understand. Somehow, between sleeping later, finding myself a neat Greek lunch counter near the garage I ended up at, and dawdling on my way back to Boston, I managed not to get home any earlier than I’d planned.

Now I must fall down.
Tags: allterrainbrain, animals, diary, eisa, nyc, travel

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