Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Many thanks

Many many thanks to surrealestate for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and to her other guests for the wonderful food and company they provided.

And huge thanks to the wonderful people who’ve helped me move (and throw out). In approximate chronological order, those are docorion (of course); mizarchivist, who tamed our kitchen; cathijosephine, who in addition to helping me move has just taken incredible care of me and kept me sane and made sure I took a breath and a bite once in a while; my realtor Jerry who in addition to helping me move heavy things did a huge amount of cleaning on the second floor; spwebdesign who generously offered to help and didn’t get annoyed the two times I called him to say he shouldn’t actually come over because I was on the road taking stuff down to Quincy; gishmi1ish and aibyou_canti, who’d never even met me in person before but who lent me their arms, their energy, and their truck for a big chunk of Sunday; koshmom who removed about fifteen very heavy cubic feet from my basement; and zzbottom who showed up with his car in the middle of the night and tackled some of the ickiest scariest bits. (I think I may be missing somebody; pipe up if so.)

(I’ve got a lot of more traditional stuff to be thankful for, too.)
Tags: house, important

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