Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Car inconvenience

Well, I haven't been able to get the car started for several days. First it was a dead battery, but on top of that I think the fuel filter may need to be changed. In the weather we've been having, this makes running certain errands - such as getting a new fuel filter - somewhat problematic. More annoyingly, it's going to prevent me from going to a friend's hot-tub party tonight. After all the time i've spent outside trying to get the car started, I could really use that. :-) And it made me miss the Biversity brunch at Johnny D's. I'm starting to think (again :-) I may need to get a different car. (Or do without one for a while, but that would lose me the freedom to take spur-of-the-moment weekend trips, and make shopping a significant hassle.)

In other ways, though, the weekend's been productive. I finally actually started putting down vinyl floor tiles in the hallway. Those of you who have been over recently will remember how awful it looked - first with the sheet flooring that was doing its best to come up on its own, and then after I pulled that up and started cleaning off the adhesive and trying to get the floor approximately smooth. And then I got distracted for a while, which is why it looked so cruddy for so long. Hopefully I can finish that this weekend. (By floor area, I'm almost done, but trimming the tiles around the few bits of irregular moulding takes a disproportionate amount of time.)

OK, I'm sure nobody on the planet wants to hear about all this, but Livejournal lets me inflict it on you. :-)

PS - I find it amusing that Livejournal's spellchecker doesn't recognize "Livejournal".

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