Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Stuff for sale (and stuff for free)

Hi! We are divesting ourselves of stuff in conjunction with our move.

One item of stuff that I am divesting myself of is my waterbed. It’s large; I’m not sure if it’s a queen or a king, but I think it’s a king. It has an amazing headboard with all sorts of cubbies and a mirror. It’s easy but time-consuming to assemble and disassemble (and you’ll want two people because of the weight of the pieces). If I were keeping it, I would want to get a new waterbed-mattress for it; the mattress in it is about ten years old, and originally had baffles inside it which prevented it from sloshing around a lot, but now it sloshes around a lot. (It doesn’t, however, leak.) I bought it from sionnagh for $300.00 when she moved to Hawai‘i. I’d consider offers between $100.00 and $200.00. You’ll probably need a station wagon to take this, and a van would be easier. There’s a picture of it here

Another item is a piece of furniture the name of which I don’t know. It’s a large glass-fronted cabinet for displaying dishes. with a thing like a wide chest-of-drawers underneath. I don’t remember how much we paid for it, but it was a few hundred dollars. Please make an offer. You’ll need a van or pickup truck to take this. There’s a picture of it here

Also, docorion is getting rid of his grey-blue couch and loveseat, which many of you have sat upon. I’m sure he will consider any offer. $0 will probably win unless there are higher bids.

And some free stuff:
  • Two functional but somewhat wimpy microwaves (both will need cleaning; at least one will need to stay here until we move out, which will probably be sometime before the 18th)
  • One odd standing lamp with a built-in little glass-topped table. This is designed to stand against a wall, so the table (and base) is semicircular, and the lampshade is not a full circle. It’s chrome and glass, with an off-white lampshade. It’s been in our basement so it could use a wipe-down before you use it.
  • An exercise bike — all mechanical, no electrics. Probably needs some lube.
  • The long1, short2 countertop-like thingy from along one wall of our kitchen. I think this may originally have been something like a lab workbench. It’s 7' long, 2'3" high, and 1'4" deep. Black on top, woodgrain veneer on the front, but some of that has come off to reveal particleboard.
1 horizontally, end-to-end
2 vertically, floor-to-surface

No doubt more free stuff will be posted as packing progresses.
Tags: house, temporary

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