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Back home safely

I'm back home safe and sound, if groggy. I got on the plane last night at 10:00pm HST, and got off this morning at 4:00pm EDT. Didn't get much sleep, but that'll help me get to bed “early” according to my biological clock and get back on a normal schedule (which will allow me to get to Seafarers of Catan on time :-).

So yesterday morning I popped in the pool for a bit, packed, popped in the pool again with Tigris, and then went to the HawaiiPAL barbecue (where Tom met us, having just gotten off of work). The barbecue is on the waterfront, with lots of sailboats for Tom to ogle. Was nice hanging out and chatting with people; a nice relaxed, low-key end to the trip.

Then Tom and Tigris took me to the airport and we said our sad goodbyes until the next time.

It was a fabulous trip, and I can’t wait until the next one. Visiting them in Honolulu is really different from visiting them in Kona, because in Honolulu, they’re a part of a much denser social network. And Honolulu is just really cool. :-) Pictures will be forthcoming when I become conscious enough to sort and annotate them.

(BTW, I’m almost done with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, which Tigris and Tom had given me some time ago and which I started on the plane when I left Boston. I like Gaiman a lot.)

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