Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Possible new house! (Also cathijosephine’s housewarming

So things are looking very good with the 2BR house in Quincy that I looked at yesterday. I don’t want to jinx it, but at this point I will be a bit surprised if I don’t end up in this house.

And it might be soon. The seller wants to close October 31. (That means getting bridge financing to cover the period from closing on my new place and closing on our old place. My mortgage broker doesn’t think that’s a problem.)

cathijosephine walked past it with me in the drizzle this morning, and she’s convinced it’s the right place for me, too. Very exciting. I’ll need a housemate to be able to pay the mortgage comfortably, but I’ll also be able to swing periods of a few months without a housemate, so I’ll never be in the position of just having to grab the next person I find on craigslist. And it’s 15min door-to-door from cathijosephine’s place. Not quite the 2min of one of the condos I was looking at, but definitely “Hey, I’m making some pasta; wanna bring over that leftover pesto in your freezer?” distance.

Speaking of whom, cathijosephine’s housewarming on Saturday was fabulous! It was really a great time. I counted 19 people in her ~500sf studio at one point, and people seemed to be having a blast. (Meeting dancingbrat for the first time was a particular delight.) And breakfast with the stragglers was fun.

And I had a lovely hanging-out-at-home-on-the-couch date with cathijosephine last night.

It’s an exciting time in my life.
Tags: boston, cathijosephine, house, important

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